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Collection: Who is the Yarn Lady?


Mother and daughter team with a passion for yarn...that we want to share with you.

For as long as I can remember, my mom was a knitter. When I was little she was always knitting something., usually an amazing jersey. There was the one with mickey mouse on it, the one with the liquorice allsorts, the fancy cable knit one, the patterned one full of colours, the strange mohair one with the bat wing sleeves...the list goes on and on. Every time she created something magical from the yarn.

I learned to knit when I was 10. I made a snake out of plain knitting. It was possibly the most simple thing you could make, but I found it terribly complicated. Two needles working together? Ummmmm....but how? I never really knitted much else except a tangled mess. But my mom - as always - knit knit knit - the pink panther, a penguin toy, another jersey, socks...

It was years later that I rekindled my interest in yarn, but this time I tried my hand at crochet. And it was love at first stitch. I taught myself from YouTube tutorials. My first project was ambitious - Pablo Panda - a cute panda toy. Only my version was a wonky solid brown bear as I had no idea how to change colours, and didn't really know much besides single crochet! But it didn't stop me. The bug had bitten. Now I make toys, blankets, wearables, mandalas, my wedding shawl and a friends wedding shawl. All starting from that one wonky bear.

The Yarn Lady is a dream of ours, to bring more yarn into our lives and into the lives of others. Beautiful natural yarns wherever possible, at affordable prices. We want to see more creativity and more people embracing local yarns. We want you to knit that scarf, crochet that toy and bring a little hand crafted joy into the world one stitch at a time.


Being a YARN LADY is about the love of yarn and crafts. Creating something - whatever that is. The joy of giving hand made items to the specials in your life. That feeling when you are wearing something you made and someone asks where you bought it and you say 'actually I MADE it'. Its not about your gender - guys can be yarn ladies too! Its more about the joy in the creative process, no matter what skill level you are and no matter how it turns out. No matter if you make a keyring or a coaster, a king sized blanket or a crop top we want you to MAKE IT. 

Feel the yarn. Enjoy the colours. Imagine a project. Now go do it...




I'm a life long knitter of all sorts of things - from jerseys, scarves and hats to toys and baby gear.

I love to make socks - the more colourful the better!



Self-taught 8 years ago, I am addicted to crochet.

I love Amigurumi, but I also enjoy making hoop mandalas and occasionally trying my hand at wearables.


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